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gravel story

From 1989 to today, cycling and its different practices have changed a lot. Its codes have evolved and they continue to constantly reinvent themselves. Recently, in our latitudes, a new form of cycling has appeared and offers an adequate solution to avoid the omnipresent insecurity of road cycling while advancing its practitioners on terrain similar to Mountain-biking, all this while keeping the position of courier. The GRAVEL BIKE was born ...

At the end of the 80s, a certain John Tomac, multi-cap cyclist (road, MTB, BMX) entered the American Championship (IMBA) and the World Cups with a mountain bike equipped with a road handlebars.

Without knowing it, he is undoubtedly the inventor of today's Gravel Bike ...

John Tomac.png
John Tomac, 1989

what is a
Gravel BiKe?

This practice comes from the American continent and manufacturers tend to develop it in Europe. The word Gravel (understand gravel in French) therefore expresses a capacity to evolve on routes that result from it. Paths, trails, forest roads,… Your capacity to imagine will be your only limit of evolution! Lovers of long rides will be delighted.

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