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Advisory board


PEPPER 1989 is a team of passionate and mature "riders" who want to offer the best experience on a Gravel bike, coming from the world of BMX and having experienced the rise of mountain biking, our team puts its full competence to develop high-performance Gravels but especially fun to ride.


Pascal Eberl


Pascal comes from the world of jewelry, he decided to pursue his dream, to create his own brand of Gravel.

A “rider” at heart for over 35 years, he regularly interacts with the professional world of cycling.


sébastien Magnin


Skater, surfer and rider, Sébastien graduated from HEG, he took his first steps in a multinational before managing an SME for 15 years. A generalist, he uses his communication and management skills to ensure healthy growth at Pepper89.


Pierre Berberat


Pierre is a designer in the technical office, he is at the origin with Pascal of the creation of Pepper89.
A great “rider” for over 35 years, he continues to give his feedback on the geometry of frames and forks.




Andreas is a cycling geek and has made his passion his profession: bicycle mechanic.

His skills as a developer and his obsession with perfection make him a centerpiece of Pepper89's success.

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