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Pepper was born from the anagram of Pascal Eberl (PER) and Pépé (nickname given to Pierre Berberat).

So what about 1989…? that's where it all started for these two friends!

1989, Pascal & Pierre acquire their first Mountain-bike, designed a few steps from their home, in steel and made to measure. From there was born the discovery of a new world, much stronger than passion ...


The OBSESSION to get on their mounts, discovery and escape, far from the beaten track, whatever the weather, the region or the challenge. JUST RIDE !!!

Thirty years later, after thousands of meetings, hundreds of races, dozens of anecdotes and galleys, shared, willy-nilly.


After hundreds of thousands of kilometers traveled, most of the time together, they decide to live a new adventure by creating PEPPER 1989.


History will say that the starting point was sealed during a discussion during a gravel-ride in the Franches-montagne, cradle of cycling, the Swiss Jura.

story peeper 1 WB.png
Défi vélo Transalp 2004


The story will say that the starting point was sealed during a discussion during a gravel ride in the Franches-Montagnes (Swiss Jura), cradle of cycling.


THE secret sauce  

Pascal has work experience in jewelry and with expert  knowledge of nobles materials. He brings back from this world art and attention to detail, artistic eye and techniques never before used on a bicycle, and which will make the difference with PEPPER 1989.

Pierre has worked in the world of watchmaking for 25 years. He removes precision, innovation and the need to always understand the details that make the function out of this world ...

PEPPER 1989 is distinguished by its level of finish,

its "watchmaking" details, its innovation and its know-how.

a word from the founders

Lovers of nature and its infinite playground, we take the bet that the Gravel bike and the Adventure bike will be much more than a fashion, but will become a way of life. It is to bet, soon, that the world of Gravel will bring together the two great families of cycling that are the Mountain-bike and the road bike.

Through PEPPER 1989, our wish is to share much more than a brand of bicycle. We want to transmit an art of living and a simple way to discover or rediscover the world around us ... Passion and knowledge are two things that multiply when we share them.


We are already delighted to have you with us in this new adventure and to infect you with our unlimited passion !!!

Pascal & Pierre

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