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LOGO PEPPER_1989.png
LOGO PEPPER_1989.png

Developed - designed - assembled in Switzerland

Grade 9 Titanium - Carbon Fork - 100% Handmade

PEPPER 1989 is a team of passionate and mature "riders" who want to offer the best experience on a Gravel bike for people wishing to explore new horizons...

Because we love performance!

The PEPPER 1989 goal is to create Gravel bikes that perform just as well on asphalt, white paths as well as in much more rugged areas. Regardless of location, weather and terrain.

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Nova Eroica

17 juin 2023

Sion Valais

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Tour de Romandie

27 avril 2023
Etape la Chaux-de-Fonds

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Grison / Suisse           9 -11 juin 2023
Coupe du monde VTT

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ecusson kampot pepper.png

KAMPOT Pepper1989 is an "Ode" to the Californian Beach Cruiser, with its special geometry, it can also recall bicycles from Italian manufactures.


Comfort, flexibility and natural explosiveness are the first qualifiers of this model.


After more than 35 years of practice in BMX, Mountain-Bike as well as in racing bike, we decided to share our experience and to offer the grouping of our knowledge to the Gravel community. Nothing is left to chance at Pepper1989.

Because we love excellence...

We are more than excited to go for a ride with our Gravel Pepper, ride with our friends, share emotions without competition, just a few challenges and the taste of effort. Choose between our two Titanium models and go escape into nature.



PONDICHERRY  Gravel Pepper 1989 features a more traditional shape with tapered seatstays to give compliance almost equivalent to the KAMPOT model.


This elasticity effect allows forward propulsion on acceleration.

Gravel bike pepper1989 ice.jpg
ecusson pondichery pepper.png


Gravel bikes are the result of a perfect tool.  They remove all barriers and allow you to ride on any ground. THE IDEAL COMPROMISE ...

Because we love
all types of paths ...

Drive at high speed on an asphalt road, make a right turn and enter on a stony white path: our bikes  Gravel Pepper1989 instantly adapt to gravel, roots or muddy puddles ...


ecusson malabar pepper.png

A geometry very different from its two brothers, with its very aggressive caster angles, perhaps you will choose a telescopic seatpost  and a more aggressive wheel set-up? This  bike will take the place of the *berserk*.

Crossing technical zones, vertiginous descent and nose turn will be his daily life, this Gravel will be in our range the little cousin of a hard tail Mountain Bike with the capacities of Titanium in Premium.

23 sept.jpg


We use titanium for its mechanical and physical properties and the nobility it gives off in the raw state or once refined ...

Matter from another galaxy 

available on earth

ti element.png

no need to talk about it,
just express yourself

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A PEPPER1989 Gravel is unique and requires our full attention, that is the reason why we can customize 100% of the parts to make every pilot's dream come true, either with high-end groupsets or with details to meet all requests. almost limitless.

Because we know how to do it ...

PEPPER1989 is based in Switzerland in the canton of Neuchâtel,  in the heart of the “Watch Valley”. We benefit from all the technical capabilities of the watchmaking world and its world-renowned excellence.

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titanium parts.png

PEPPER1989 develops and offers titanium parts to choose from during your assembly.


PEPPER1989 Offers cable routing for all of these gravel models.


signature logo.png

PEPPER1989 vous propose de choisir votre tag disponible en plusieurs coloris.


Come visit us and explore the possibilities of fixtures and decorations.

You even choose your components to customize your Gravel bike to your liking.

Take a test drive with one of our test Gravel bikes and discover the Pepper Valley with the company of an experienced rider.


What development for a Gravel?

Which Gravel bike to choose?

Used Gravel bike?

Adventure Bike?

Women's Gravel bike?

Find out what drives us to develop one of the best Gravel bikes today.

We will be happy to advise you during your visit.

2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds - Suisse

appelez-nous +41 79 653 00 19
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